PR Gaz

PR Gaz
PRGaz LPG 2001
  • Refilling plants PR1 Gas Inc. in Navotas, PR2 Gas Inc. in Zambales and PR3 Gas Inc. in Cavite are built.
PRGaz LPG 2002
  • PR4 Gas Inc. is put up in Pangasinan.
PRGaz LPG 2003
  • Several outlets of PR Gaz Haus are set up.
  • PR Gaz Haus Holdings, Inc., PR1 Gas Mktg. Inc., PR2 Gas Mktg. Inc., and PR3 Gas Mktg. Inc. are established. PR Gaz Haus begins selling the Caltex LPG and its signature brand PR Gaz. 
  • Yearend: 37 stores are put up.
PRGaz LPG 2004
  • Mid-year: The chain grows to 50 company-owned stores. 
  • November: PR Gaz Haus franchise is formally launched—another historic first in the local LPG industry.
PRGaz LPG 2005
  • First PR Gaz Haus franchised store opens in Imus, Cavite.
PRGaz LPG 2006
  • More franchises are opened in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Pangasinan, and Zambales.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine cites PR Gaz Haus as the Most Promising Franchise. 

  • Last quarter: Suki ni Gazman customer loyalty program and the PR Gazette are launched.

  • Chain expands to 61 company-owned stores and franchises combined.
PRGaz LPG 2007
  • PR Gaz receives the International Award of Distinction as a world-class franchise, and is named as one of the Fastest Growing Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

  • A franchise financing agreement is signed with Plantersbank.

  • A revitalized corporate web site, a newsletter and the 3rd Generation Suki Card system project are launched in a major corporate event. 

  • Yearend: Total number of stores reaches 83, 34 of which are franchises.
PRGaz LPG 2008
  • A mobile POS system is implemented across company-owned stores, initially. 
  • Mid-year: Total store count hits 90.
PRGaz LPG 2009
  • A new company mission and vision statement is drafted. 

  • PR Gaz acquires the LPG refilling facility of Chevron Philippines Inc. in Pasig. 

  • Year-end: Total number of store outlets reaches 93.
PRGaz LPG 2010
  • March: store network tallies to 107. 

  • A new brand and corporate logo is launched.

  • July: Magazine Philippines names PR Gaz as ‘Best Homegrown Franchise’ in its 2010 Franchise Awards.

  • October: PR Gaz founders are chosen as one of the top 15 winners of the first ever PLDT MVP Bossing Awards and is cited for the service industry category. 

  • PR Gaz chairman and chief executive officer is named one of the Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines and also receives the Globe Business Masigasig Award.
PRGaz LPG 2011
  • September: PR Gaz is named the “Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year” for the medium category from the 11th Franchise Excellence Awards (FEA). 

  • PR Gaz implements the SAP All-In-One Solution, a world-class business management solution designed to greatly improve business processes. 
PRGaz LPG 2012
  • Ms. Siu Ping Par assumes the post of President of PR Gaz Holdings, Inc.

  • July: Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines names PR Gaz the Best Franchise Company and receives a Special Citation for Culture of Excellence in its 2012 Franchise Awards.

  • August: Total number of outlets reaches 152, of which 115 are company-operated while 37 are franchises.

  • October: The Par couple is adjudged finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines search.
PRGaz LPG 2013
  • February: Total number of outlets reaches 163, of which 51 are franchises.

  • July: All companies operating under the PR Gaz Group are consolidated into one corporate entity called PR Gaz, Inc.

  • July: PR Gaz receives the “Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year” for the medium category from the 12th Franchise Excellence Awards (FEA) and is elevated to the Hall Of Fame for getting the award twice in a row. Franchisee Francisco Tolentino of Calamba Branch is also named Franchisee of The Year for South Luzon.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines names PR Gaz the Best in Franchise Support and Fastest Growing Franchise in its 2013 Franchise Awards.

  • December: Total stores in the PR Gaz network reaches 174, 82 of which are operated by franchisees. In the same month, PR Gaz launches a new product, Gaz Lite – an innovative cooking system that features a portable cooking stove fueled by an LPG canister.